Hi, I’m Darren

Welcome to my online home. I write, host two podcasts, and run Touch MBA, which helps applicants get into the world’s top MBA programs.

I was an employee the first 6 years of my career and have been a solopreneur for the last 10 years. Here I share what I’ve learned about making a living and life as a solopreneur.

Having grown up in the US but worked my entire career in Asia, I explore Western and Eastern approaches to a fulfilling work life.

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ASE Podcast

ASE is a West African concept that means the power to make things happen. It also stands for Art, Social impact and Entrepreneurship – the work I aspire to do. 

On ASE, I interview intuition experts, professors, social entrepreneurs, singers, dancers, photographersauthors and filmmakers about how they are charting their own path to do their most meaningful work. We discuss ideas that can help you survive and thrive as a solopreneur. I also record solo episodes about the ups and downs of trying to build a career that’s fulfilling creatively, socially and financially. Listen here

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I also blog about the challenges I face as a solopreneur, and share ideas and tools I believe could help other solo creators and founders. I try to be unflinchingly honest about what makes this path wonderful and difficult.

I am especially concerned with helping solopreneurs manage their mental and emotional health, as this has been a challenge for me, and I believe this problem will only grow as more people freelance, start businesses and work on their own.

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When I’m not working you can find me dancing, worm composting, and doing pull-ups.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Youtube, and Quora.

I love hearing from people, so please contact me here, introduce yourself, and let me know your challenges – maybe I can help.

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