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#5 Decade in Review: Lessons from my 30s

What are you proud of? What have you learned? What will you leave behind?

So long, 2010s!

I spent this decade trying to do creative, fulfilling work that could support a location independent lifestyle.

In my case, that was starting a business that gave world-class MBA admissions advice to thousands of applicants – especially from developing countries – for free.

This episode is quite personal and not easy to share, but I hope that it encourages you to do your own decade in review. Looking at the past 10 years:

  • What are you most proud of?
  • What were your biggest lessons? (hint: look at your failures)
  • What can you let go of moving into the next decade?

For me, these proud moments & lessons were:

  • Splitting Income from Time Working | Find and Nourish Tribes (1:53)
  • Living in Medellin, Colombia | Run Towards Dreams that Scare You  (8:26)
  • Dad’s Heart Surgery | Legacy is What You Give to Others (17:30)
  • The Flow of Life | Clear What, Flexible How (21:45)

Four lessons I need to re-member, re-learn and re-live. I often forget them, and fall short. Publishing them helps keeps me accountable.

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you a thrilling and fulfilling next decade.

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2 replies on “#5 Decade in Review: Lessons from my 30s”

I love this – spoken by someone who has truly been inspired by you! I need to conquer my biggest fear & ‘get in my lane’ now that I’m out of my comfort zone in 2020 but I am committed to try it 😛

So glad we met this decade and thanks for being such an integral part of my journey with Touch MBA. You know I’m here for you whenever… excited for what the 2020s will bring you!

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