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#13 Salsanerd Jimmy Yoon – The Accidental Dance Career

A blueprint for building community around your life’s passion

“People are attracted to people who care about the things they care about and who are genuine.”

Jimmy Yoon

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Can you imagine a life centered around what you love to do the most? Professional salsa teacher Jimmy Yoon joins ASE to discuss ashe (the power to make things happen), building community, terraforming, and stumbling into his life’s purpose. His dance career might be accidental, but a deeper look into Jimmy’s journey reveals a blueprint to win friends and influence people.


  • Ashe / Aṣẹ! (4:00)
  • Building Community & Trust (14:00)
  • Terraforming, Undeniability & Authenticity (35:30)
  • Committing to Your Best Life (50:30)

Jimmy Yoon 

Jimmy Yoon has taught salsa across North America, Europe and Asia for over 15 years. He co-founded the DC Style Salsa Academy, Washington DC’s largest social dance school, and, where you can learn salsa online. He currently lives in Saigon, Vietnam.

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