#1 Demystifying Intuition with Simone Wright

We’ve been told that intuition is a woman’s thing and that it is rooted in emotion. That is one of the most debilitating myths around the intuitive process. If you’re using your intuition correctly it’s neutral. There is no emotional charge.

Simone Wright

How can we recognize and use our intuitive intelligence? Simone Wright, author of First Intelligence: The Science and Spirit of Intuition, explains how intuition works, and how we can use it to reach our highest potential.

Simone Wright

Simone Wright is an internationally recognized expert on intuitive intelligence. She has worked with top achievers in a broad field of specialties including law enforcement, health care and business, and has appeared on radio and television programs across North America, including the Oprah Winfrey show. Simone is also a painter, author and entrepreneur.


  • Simone and First Intelligence (3:15)
  • Recognizing intuition (9:35)
  • The foundational triad of intuition: peace, precision and perception (19:23)
  • The paradox of taking action and letting go (41:37)
  • Remembering the future (49:55)
  • Playing in the intuitive field (56:00)

Show Notes

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