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#5 Decade in Review: Lessons from my 30s

Christmas in Mui Ne, Vietnam, with my dance tribe. Photo by ThuyTien Thi Nguyen

So long, 2010s!

I spent this decade trying to do creative, fulfilling work that could support a location independent lifestyle.

In my case, that was starting a business that gave world-class MBA admissions advice to thousands of applicants – especially from developing countries – for free.

This episode is quite personal and not easy to share, but I hope that it encourages you to do your own decade in review. Looking at the past 10 years:

  • What are you most proud of?
  • What were your biggest lessons? (hint: look at your failures)
  • What can you let go of moving into the next decade?

For me, these proud moments & lessons were:

  • Splitting Income from Time Working | Find and Nourish¬†Tribes (1:53)
  • Living in Medellin, Colombia | Run Towards Dreams that Scare You ¬†(8:26)
  • Dad’s Heart Surgery | Legacy is What You Give to Others (17:30)
  • The Flow of Life | Clear What, Flexible How (21:45)

Four lessons I need to re-member, re-learn and re-live. I often forget them, and fall short. Publishing them helps keeps me accountable.

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you a thrilling and fulfilling next decade.

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