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#26 Growing your YouTube Channel with Celine Yeh

“I think practice and watching a lot of YouTube videos is the only way… you have to do something others haven’t done before to make people curious about you.”

– Celine Yeh

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Celine Yeh shares her journey from studying chemistry to becoming a YouTuber. How did she grow her company’s channel to over 500K subscribers and 35 million views? What is most important to make engaging and viral YouTube videos? Why did she start her own channel? And how is she able to support herself being a YouTuber and influencer?

Celine shares what life is really like behind the scenes as well as many practical tips you can use right away to grow your YouTube channel. 


  • From Chemist to YouTuber (0:00)
  • Making Engaging YouTube Videos (8:27)
  • Growing your YouTube Channel (23:20)
  • Supporting Yourself as an Influencer (35:20)
  • Lightning Round (57:33)

Celine Yeh 

Celine Yeh co-hosts Celine & Cynthia, a YouTube channel focused on outdoor life. Celine previously worked as a marketer for Spice Taiwan, and studied Chemistry at Tamkang University.

Show Notes


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