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#17 Hard-Earned Lessons from Building a Social Enterprise with Founder Anny Chang

What’s it really like to start and grow a social enterprise? Anny Chang shares the ups and downs of her 7 year journey with City Wanderer, which has empowered 10,000+ youth through real-world, service challenges.

“We tried so many business models, and the last one which wasn’t dead was the one we did more. Eventually I got to our business model through so many failures.”

Annie Chang

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How did Chang Tsi Tzu (Anny), a college senior with no work experience, grow City Wanderer from a college assignment to a social enterprise that has impacted over 11,000 high school and college students in 23 cities worldwide? And after seven intense years building City Wanderer, why is she leaving her “dream job” to start anew?


  • Starting City Wanderer (3:45)
  • Growing & Sustaining City Wanderer (20:30)
  • Attracting Talented Employees & Volunteers (39:35)
  • Balancing Personal & Professional Life (47:30)

Anny Chang  (Chang Hsi Tzu)

Anny Chang is a changemaker focused on education and youth empowerment. In 2013, she founded City Wanderer, which offers youth real world challenges and experiential learning outside the classroom. Anny got her B.A. in Sociology from National Taiwan University, and enjoys backpacking and writing.

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