Shan, Radio DJ and Shane, Actor



“I find it relaxing to chill on sofa and do a crossword or play candy crush.” (Shan, 36, Ireland)

Shan’s Perfect Day

  • His 4 and 6 year old boys wake up in their own room
  • Breakfast
  • Play at pool with kids
  • Pizza for lunch
  • Squash, or some sort of sport
  • Afternoon “me time” – read a book, do sudoku or a crossword
  • Sundown time, kick soccer ball with boys
  • After dinner “me time” – play guitar and drink cider
  • Finish day by playing candy crush



“When I forget that I exist I feel like I’m my best self.” (Shane, 39, Singapore)

Shane’s Perfect Day: 

  • Kid time -“I want to wake up cuddling my kids”
  • Physical activity time – jiujitsu, boxing, gymnastics
  • Work time – 3-4 hours of work (acting)


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