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Before bringing in the new we must create a vacuum.

Marie Kondo has changed millions of lives with a simple rule: get rid of what doesn’t spark joy.

I followed her method; the whole exercise took two days. But afterwards, looking at my tidy closet and empty desk, I felt light, refreshed, and more available.

Her book taught me that we must get rid of what we don’t want to make room for what we do want. Before we bring anything new into our lives, we must first create a vacuum.

Before going on vacation, we hustle to finish our work and tie up loose ends so we won’t be bothered. We create a vacuum to be present, relaxed and inspired by a new place.

But more transformative is to create inner vacuums.

Whenever I want to create a new reality, I try to first ask “What am I willing to let go of within myself in order to create my desired outcome? What beliefs, attitudes, or emotions are preventing me from creating success?”

Right now I am starting a podcast that I hope will help thousands of people. This means letting go of:

  • being, sounding, or looking smart, so I can approach guests – and my audience – in the spirit of true curiosity, learning and sharing
  • making a living with this show, so I can create openly and fearlessly
  • late nights, so I can create during my best hours in the morning
  • being stingy, to create the best content, I need to invest in good equipment

We must create inner and outer vacuums for our perfect day too. If our minds and calendars are full, how can life add anything new?

So my first question when taking action is not “What to do?” but “What must I let go?”

Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.

– Bruce Lee

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