Perfect Day

JJ and Rola, Teachers

“To create something is to add to the world” and “I’m the happiest when I’m connecting with people who elevate my consciousness and make me feel connected and with purpose.”

“To create something is to add to the world. Something to show for your day is always something you can look back on, and if you hadn’t done it that day maybe that song, that writing would have never happened or will never happen the same ever again, so to create something is really special.” (JJ, late 30s, Ireland)

I hadn’t seen Rola, a close high school friend, in years. She was touring Vietnam with her finance JJ. We connected over craft beers at Heart of Darkness.

JJ’s Perfect Day: “I’d feel like I’ve achieved something”

  • Wake up beside someone special
  • Coffee
  • Write in journal – “you can think out your thoughts. if there are negative things happening and little things annoying you – if you write them on paper you realize how silly they are. Especially if you look back a couple pages and see that silly thing from 2 weeks ago has gone away.”
  • Write a song
  • Carry a notebook around for ideas, plans, randomness
  • Work out
  • Dinner with friends – “a small group of friends having fun and telling stories in a safe setting.”
  • Beers with friends
  • Finish with a “walk on the beach, a splash in the sea”

“I’m the happiest when I’m connecting with people who elevate my consciousness and make me feel connected and with purpose. I love the feeling of wonder and learning and embracing whatever comes my way.” (Rola, late 30s, USA)

Rola’s Perfect Day: “I surround myself with people who make me feel strong”

  • Waking up next to someone special, in an awe-inspiring natural space “hearing birds, waves”
  • Meditating, morning alone time
  • Connecting with people
  • Trying new foods
  • Teaching strategies of well-being and seeing the effect in children – “this is the highest feeling of purpose”
  • Learning something new – “that I’m growing constantly.”
  • Surrounded by people who make her feel emotionally, mentally strong
  • Leaving people with more connection, more joy, a smile
  • Ending day in a grounded space, through yoga or deep conversation

As a couple:

  • Enjoy weekend breakfasts and mornings together
  • Give each other space for each other’s tendencies and interests
  • Have their own friend groups
  • Watch very little television together
  • Curate their environment and friends so they can be the best version of themselves

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