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First Intelligence by Simone Wright

Intuition is not a mystical power held by a few, but rather an innate tool that we need to exercise daily.

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Big Idea

Intuition is not a mystical power held by a few, but rather an innate tool that we need to exercise daily. A universal, higher wisdom is always available to us but we have to fine-tune our biological antennae to access it.


Simone Wright is an internationally recognized expert on intuitive intelligence. She has worked with top achievers in a broad field of specialties including law enforcement, health care and business, and has appeared on radio and television programs across North America, including the OprahWinfrey show. 

My Story

What does intuition feel like? How is it different from fear? And how could I use intuition more in my personal life and career? I had listened to a few podcasts featuring Simone and aligned with her goal of explaining intuition in a fluff free, practical way.

There is so much to learn from this book (please read the whole thing!), but I’ve summarized a number of Simone’s principles into three steps.

(it’s important that I use Simone’s precise language for these intuition exercises, so I’ve quoted liberally from her book)

Exercise 1: Clear the Static

“Be calm in your heart. This is the most powerful understanding you must carry with you when developing your intuitive intelligence. A calm and peaceful heart creates a calm and peaceful mind, and a calm mind is the center of all creative power.”

To access the higher mind, our intuitive intelligence, we must first free our mind of energies and patterns that could disrupt or distort any message. This is done by being calm in heart and mind. 

So in this first exercise we want to clear our mind and body of any distortions, and generate a coherent, peaceful state of pure potentiality.

“Close your eyes. Sit up straight so your spine is erect but relaxed. Find a position that allows you to be engaged with your body but not strained or uncomfortable in any way. Take a few deep breaths to release any tension you may feel in your body. 

Sit for a few moments and feel the energetic vibration of your body without doing anything. Simply notice what you notice. Noticing your noticing is an important part of your intuitive practice, and this is an easy and elegant way to begin. 

You may notice a buzz, a feeling of opening, a vibration or bodily tingle; it may be very subtle or quite pronounced, and either way is fine. This subtle or pronounced buzz is the electrical field that all your cells and the DNA within them are using to communicate with one another and with the environment, both locally and nonlocally. 

Now, with your eyes still closed, cultivate a deep, inner smile, one that moves from your face and into your heart. If it helps to place your hand over your heart to help you focus and isolate this area, then do so. 

Gently say to yourself. ‘Peace. Peace. Peace.’ Continue to observe what is happening in your body without having to control it. Let your breath fall into its own natural pattern. 

Focusing on the space around your heart, cultivate the gentle feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and care. Find something in your life that you can feel grateful for, or think of someone or something you care for. 

Now gently bring to mind the feelings that you consider life affirming, and allow them to fill your heart. Feelings such as ease, grace, flow, confidence, certainty, expansion, abundance, and joy can and will assist you in further amplifying your energy. 

Allow yourself to just soak in this feeling for a minute or two. Continue observing what you notice in your body. 

From this point of activated peace, you have generated a coherent energy that has quieted all the habitual patterns and discordant functions of the lower mind that stand in the way of your expanded perceptions. Continue to sustain this calm yet elevated feeling for a few more minutes. Become intimate with this feeling, and begin to imprint it in your mind and body so you can shift back into it whenever you find yourself feeling out of sorts or stressed-out. This is the frequency and energy that I invite you to maintain all the time. 

Gently say to yourself, ‘This is my peace. This is my power. I will remember it.’”

Exercise 2: Remember the Future

I found this to be the most interesting exercise in the book. The beneficial outcome you desire already exists in the universal field of possibilities, so in order to connect to those energies, you need to generate all the feelings of your desire already having been achieved. 

This should feel like remembering a pleasant event, except you’ll be remembering the future. It’s easy and light to recall a pleasant memory, right? Remembering the future should feel the same.

But first it’s important to make a strong choice about what you want. This is to activate your conscious and subconscious mind.

Have you had a turning point and thought, “I am done with this! I cannot, will not, am not going to do it anymore!” Or “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to work and live in Asia!” Those are brave choices. Don’t make a wimpy, half-hearted choice, but mean it for real.  As Simone says, “Mean it as if your future life depends on it… because it does.”

I choose to be wealthy. I choose to have a healthy relationship.

Then, how would achieving your goal make you feel?  

Having more money might make you feel more secure, accomplished, and free. Being in a healthy relationship might give you feelings of love, comfort and connection.

After generating coherence (Exercise 1), use your imaginative power to craft your ideal outcome. Start with the thought “I remember…”

“I remember the day I sold my company.”

“I remember the day I walked down the aisle.”

Then play it out as a memory, with as much detail and feeling as possible.

Experience all at the feelings of your outcome achieved. Meditate on this feeling and frequency for a few minutes so that it becomes completely organic, and natural to you.

Exercise 3: Ask for Guidance

Now that you’ve saturated yourself with this energy, ask for direction.

It’s important that you ask precise, empowering questions. None of your questions should include the words “is there,” “why,” “will,” or “should,” because those are energetically ineffective.

Instead of asking “Is there a solution?” ask: “I know there is a solution to every problem, and that my intuitive mind is directing me toward it now. What is my most appropriate first step?”

“Why…” carries the vibration of helplessness and victimization, and seeks for a logical explanation (as opposed to wisdom or direction). Instead ask: “I know there is a creative purpose for all things. How can I best use this circumstance to propel me forward?”

Asking “Will I…?” is disempowering. Instead ask: “I know my choice has great power. What action can I take now to further empower this choice?”

“Should I…?” is a question of limitation, not expansion. Instead ask: “I know my higher mind is leading me to the best outcome in this moment. What is the wisest choice to make at this time?”

Simone offers five guidelines for your ask:

  1. It activates and uses the conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind. 
  2. It ask focuses on your current need in the present moment. 
  3. It addresses a single concern at a time. 
  4. It provides direction. 
  5. It uses the positive form of the question.

Here are some examples from the book:

If you are facing financial issues, which question would you ask:

  • I’m screwed. How am I going to make payroll? OR
  • What is the most potent step to take to immediately improve my cash flow?

 If you are facing a personal financial issue, which question would you ask: 

  • I can’t make ends meet. How am I going to get out of debt? OR
  • There is an ideal solution available for me now. How can I begin to improve my finances right away? 

If you are considering making a financial investment: 

  • This is risky business. Am I going to make any money on this deal? OR
  • I know I am guided to make the best choice. Is this investment the wisest use of my money at this time? 

If you need solutions to a health problem: 

  • I am miserable. How do I stop feeling like crap? OR
  • I know I am meant to experience perfect health. What can I begin doing today that will improve my wellness? 

If you have concerns about whether partnering with someone (personally or professionally) is in your best interests: 

  • I really don’t know what to do. Should I be worried about this guy? OR
  • I know there is a perfect outcome for me. Will a partnership with (the person’s name) promote my highest good at this time?

When writing out your ask, do you feel expansion or contraction? Adjust your ask until it feels right energetically.

“Hold the vision of the answered prayer or solved problem. Now quietly state your ask. It can be said aloud, or silently within your mind and heart. Repeat it gently several times. Once you have repeated it a few times, continue to maintain the coherent and peaceful energy of your source code and simply notice what you notice.” 

A key part of this exercise is releasing your ask, as well as any judgement or ideas of what the solution could look like. 

“I release this ask to the power of my higher mind. I know without a doubt that the perfect answer is available for me and is coming to me with perfect timing. Thank you.”

Your intuition will speak clearly without emotion.

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Powerful Quotes

“I have come to call this intelligence ‘First Intelligence’ because it develops long before we possess the ability to reason or learn anything the external world has to teach us, and it is in operation before we even know that we can know. It is the intelligence of life. Intuition is specific and precisely tuned to each one of us as individuals, and it guides each of us to our highest potential. Intuition does not rely on previous knowledge; it does not find its information in studies, research, analysis, graphs, or statistics. True intuition (which is not the same thing as instinct) seeks the routes, solutions, and innovations that align with the potential of our evolution and guides us beyond the tired, worn, unproductive patterns of our past.”

“The only thing you should be doing is living your life in a way that supports you in greeting every day with joy, peace, and purpose. Life wants you to be healthy, abundant, successful, filled with love, and constantly expanding, because those are the very principles of life itself. And if your joy lies in being a sanitation worker or a surgeon, an artist or an accountant; or in being in a relationship or out of one; or in living in a mansion or a small studio, then that is what you should be doing.”

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This is such a beautiful summary. This really reminds me of the family constellation work that Dinesev and I are starting to get deeper into. Have you heard of it? The creator Bert Hellinger and my teacher Dan Cohen both wrote a lot on the same subject. Very life changing on a local and non local level.

I have not heard of constellation work. Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait to learn more!

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