Book Trainer

Book Trainer – Training Exercises for Great Books


Why Book Trainer?

So many ideas, so little execution.

We embrace training programs for health, sports, and music. Why not for business skills?

In just about any endeavor that’s important us, we realize the benefits of training, practice and repetition. We hit the gym to tone our bodies; we shoot free throw after free throw in preparation for the big game; and we rehearse our act countless times before a big performance. But when it comes to economically valuable skills, we leave our training program – and skills development – to chance.

A book, a blog, a speaker inspires us! But one week later, our lives have barely changed. We pay top dollar for degrees, yet still leave unequipped for new roles and industries. Why? Because through laziness or design, we haven’t been put through a training program.

This project is based on a very simple idea: business skills should be trained through repetitive exercise with measurement and feedback.