Howard, Restaurateur


“A day where I can go to sleep without feeling incredible pressure from business and family matters would be really quite wonderful… Something as simple as that – where you’re not always worried about the future – would be perfect enough.” (Howard, 42, USA)

Howard’s Perfect Day:

  • Feel well-rested when waking up
  • “Me time” do something non-productive for first hour before family awakes
  • Do fulfilling business tasks for 5-6 hours that moves the business forward (not day-to-day tasks) 
  • End of the day beer with friends
  • Go home, spend 1-1 time with kids – “I used to dread it, but these days I find great comfort in building a stronger bond with him, it makes me feel good.”
  • “Me time” before going to bed, like video games – “I’ve loved them ever since I was a 4-5 year old. It’s rare to turn 42 and have a hobby I’ve done since little.”

Howard’s Recs

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