Chung, Restauranteur

“If I have no issues at work and no issues in my personal life, that’s a perfect day. Whatever I do goes smoothly.” (Chung, mid 30s, Taiwan)


For Chung, a perfect day is a simple, stress-free state of mind, largely determined by luck: “Your mood pretty much defines the rest of your day.” So if you’re lucky to wake up to a beautiful day, and go through it with no problems, what could be better than that?

Maybe one thing: eating dumplings at Chung’s Taiwanese restaurant in Saigon, Va Thanh.

Chung’s perfect day:

  • Wake up to sunlight, nice weather
  • Get to work with a clear, sober mind
  • Work to support his lifestyle, and help other people
  • Gym or basketball to de-stress
  • Beer with friends, interesting conversations


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