Jimmy, Dance Teacher

“Consistency. I do this [dance] everyday. There is no more plan or steps, it’s just a feeling. I have to do it until I reach a feeling: ‘Yeah, I’m good.’ It’s a release, a deeply soulful activity to me. That’s a perfect day. Everything else is icing.” (Jimmy, mid 30s, USA)

Every day you can find Jimmy in a park with his mini speaker blasting, channelling the spirit of Elegua, Chango and other Yoruba Orishas. It doesn’t matter if the public stares at him with amusement or wonder. Jimmy dances everyday to exhaustion.

Jimmy’s passion for Orisha dance is infectious and a number of us join his practices to get the same high. He has taught me the power of consistency in practice and purpose. Whether it’s four hours of dancing or a pushup challenge, no feeling matches practicing everyday.

Jimmy’s perfect day:

  • Smoking a joint
  • Dancing for hours everyday
    • “The moment I feel really good I look at the clock and it’s usually about four hours. Consistency. I do this everyday for years now. It’s my observation. At about four hours I’ve done my work for the day. I feel good.”
    • “Whatever deeply satisfies you – it’s about getting to that place everyday”
  • Eating favorite food

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