Jennie, Tech Consultant

“I’m a project based person but I need a clean process… My perfect day has to be different everyday. It has to have flexibility to support my interests and necessities at the time… Having a process allows me to introduce variety and spontaneity in a much more specific and clear way and allows me to assess it.” (Jennie, 29, USA)

Over cocktails on Sao Beach in Phú Quốc – hence the jet skis! – Jennie shares her perfect day:

  • Wake up without an alarm, get up slowly, nem nuống i.e. roll in bed like a bbq pork on a grill
  • Coffee to warm up – “without coffee I’m not a real person”
  • Morning rituals – front load morning with structured tasks
    • Meditating
    • Journaling – free write 750 words
    • Daily Update – report important metrics daily, weekly in Excel sheet
    • Bibliotherapy – read books on philosophy, self-help, psychology
    • Movement
    • Learning Vietnamese – listening to podcasts in Vietnamese
    • 5-minute Journal – what you’re grateful for and what you can improve upon
    • Making something
  • Flexible 9-5 job, not tied to office
  • Evening highball or beer
  • Read, relax, comfortable with doing nothing
  • Be in bed by 10pm, sleep by 11pm
  • At the end of the day, she would want to feel relaxed and unbothered, free to shut down, knowing that she did her work, that she had a “fulfilling day.”

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