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#6 Making a Living by Making a Difference with Ho Thai Binh

How one young Vietnamese social entrepreneur is trying to do both.

“People need purpose to live.”

Ho Thai Binh

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After graduating from one of Vietnam’s top universities and studying finance in Australia, Ho Thai Binh chose to return to his hometown, Vung Tau, and work for the provincial government. But that wasn’t enough to pay the bills nor “cool” enough for his girlfriend.  That was the turning point. Could he make a living by making a difference in Vietnam?  Binh shares how he has spent his 20s trying to solve social problems in Vietnam.


  • Building a social impact career in Vietnam (3:50)
  • Starting SSVN and SiGen (17:00)
  • Running a social enterprise (40:20)

Ho Thai Binh

Ho Thai Binh is Co-Founder and Director of Survival Skills SSVN, which provides first aid training in Vietnam, and SiGen, which develops mosquito free catch basins for urban sewers. Both enterprises won Top 10 Blue Venture Awards for social entrepreneurship in 2019. Binh graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce from RMIT Vietnam and got a Masters of Commerce in Applied Finance from the University of Queensland.

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