Sparky, Waiter


“When I was a kid there was a river behind my place. I would go there and fish the whole morning. When I catch something I just bring it back to my Grandma and say, ‘Hey I have some fish. We have food today.’ At that time my family was very poor so I had to live far away from my parents and live with my grandma. We tried to grow rice, vegetables, chickens, everything we can to have food everyday. For me a perfect day when I catch some fish to bring back to my grandma. It would make me proud.” (Sparky, early 20s, Vietnam)

Sparky’s perfect day:

  • Fish all morning, bring fish home for grandma
  • Need people by his side
  • See girlfriend after work, chit chat, and think about future

He would want to feel:

  • Loved – “I want to give love and warmth to friends and family. I know how we miss the warmth and the love.” 
  • Not stressed – “not think too much”

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