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333 Productivity for Distracted Solopreneurs

Limits focus, so set yours!

If you’re easily distracted like me, simplify.

I call this 333 productivity after 333 beer in Vietnam 🙂

  1. Max 3 goals per time period (2 goals = better, 1 = best)
  2. Max 3 tasks per day (2 tasks = better,  1 = best)
  3. Max 3 time blocks per day (2 time blocks = better, 1 = best)

Focus is your biggest asset as a solopreneur, distraction your biggest enemy. Limits focus, so set yours!

3 goals. Keep them on your wall, screens and daily review. No more than 3 goals per year, quarter and week.

3 tasks. What task(s) completed today would make you feel good tired?

3 time blocks. Does your calendar reflect your priorities? As a creative do you have at least one “making” block per day?

More than 3 and I’m running in circles…

Less than 3 and I’m getting somewhere…

As a kid, my friend’s father would often say: “You can only do 3 things well at one time.”*

I agree. There’s a magic to 3.

p.s. check out my 600-word summary of popular productivity books here: Doing First Things First

* he meant school, sports and faith… and thus, no girlfriend 😆

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