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Movie Theaters: Endgame

The age of distraction-free movie going is over

Avengers Endgame, the movie event of the year!

I’ve been waiting 10 years for this.

$400 million dollars put into making this 3 hour film… Hundreds of artists composing every scene….

And what I’ll remember are the two punks sitting next to me.

Guy on my left: responded to text messages the entire movie. At one point, he had a good 10-15 minute text chat with someone (not that I was paying attention, damnit!). He even took a phone call during the film’s climax. Much appreciated!

Guy on my right: took 2 phone calls as well, but he also had his phone lit the entire movie, so I had the benefit of seeing a bright white light for 3 hours. Every time a message would come in, a bell rang and his screen would flicker like a strobe light. Awesome!

Yes, I was sad to see this chapter of the Avengers close.

I was even more sad to realize the age of distraction-free movie going is over.

Movie theaters were my last refuge of cell-phone free life, where the audience was shunned for using devices, where I could unplug and be engrossed in art.

$400 million dollars and 1000s of hours slaving over storytelling, visual effects, and marketing to get your ass into that seat, to keep your eyes glued to that movie screen… and these guys would rather text?

Movie theaters as I know (and want) them = over. It’s the Endgame.

After the movie, I went out to the mall’s surrounding garden area. It was a silent, breezy Friday night, the start of a long holiday in Vietnam. And there was everyone, sitting on benches checking their phones, hunched over a screen.

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