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ASE explores how to survive and thrive as a solopreneur. 

Learn from other creators and entrepreneurs about how they manage their work, life and careers. You are not alone! 

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Latest Episodes

  • #22 Outsight
    Change happens from the outside in
  • #21 Live for Today or Tomorrow?
    Is it possible to live for today AND tomorrow? Darren shares one approach to be kind to your past, present and future self.

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Matthew McGarvey, Founder of Either& Executive Coaching

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Purpose-Driven Creators

Case studies of individuals charting their own path, and doing their most meaningful work

  • Independent Journalist & Author Elaine Pofeldt (listen)
  • Entrepreneur & NGO Founder Elizabeth Tan (listen)
  • Filmmaker Boo Junfeng (listen)
  • Artist & Songwriter Tuimi (listen)
  • Education Changemaker Anny Chang (listen)
  • Salsa Teacher Jimmy Yoon (listen)
  • Tour Guide Yous Sopanha (listen)
  • Social Entrepreneur Ho Thai Binh (listen)
  • Vietnam Travel Blogger Tom Divers (read)

Career & Lifestyle Design

Building a sustainable working-life you love

  • What I Learned from Asking 30 People about their Perfect Day (listen)
  • Mindsets, Tools & Models to Reinvent Yourself with Paul Millerd (listen)
  • Dr. Stephanie Berg on Naturopathic Principles for Optimal Health (listen)

Ancient Wisdom & Embodied Cognition

Success does not always come from thinking, trying or striving harder. This series challenges the “crush it” mentality that permeates startup culture

  • Xiu Yang: The Ancient Art of Self-Cultivation with Mimi Kuo-Deemer (listen)
  • Wu-Wei & What Ancient Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us about Peak Performance with Edward Slingerland (listen)
  • Demystifying Intuition with Simone Wright (listen)
  • Unlocking Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality (listen)

Darren’s Journal

Is it possible to work on your own and build a career that fulfills you creatively, socially and financially? Darren shares the ups and downs of pursuing this path.

  • Outsight (listen)
  • Live for Today or Tomorrow? (listen)
  • Decade in Review: Lessons from my 30s (listen)
  • Live the Questions (listen)
  • Making Morning Routines Stick with Tiny Habits (listen)
  • Spring Cleaning for the Chinese New Year (listen)
  • How I am Taking Advantage of Having (Near) Zero Subscribers (listen)

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