Maud, 31, French Teacher

“When I come back home, I feel very tired – a good feeling tired – and I’m happy the day was spent the way it was spent.” (Maud, 31, France)

I met Maud at riverside homestay in Vĩnh Long, where I’d see her in a hammock, reading and enjoying the breeze. She was on vacation from her teaching job in Phnom Penh. We shared a van back to Saigon, where she would soon meet up with her girlfriend.

Maud’s perfect day:

  • No work, but maybe do projects she’d do on a day off, where she has the time “to think and create”
  • Talk and laugh with friends
  • Exercise outdoors to clear the mind (through concentration) and for satisfaction (for getting better at something)
  • End the day “good tired,” not “exhausted because you want the day to end”

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