Dwight, Retired Accountant

“I can’t waste time, I can’t waste my life. Most people are like this as they evolve over time: they have lots of time cause they have their entire life in front of them and don’t have any money so they spend their entire time making money. And that’s what I did certainly throughout my career. What I am in short supply of is time, I can’t buy more time. If I was to earn no additional revenues I could live 180 years at my current lifestyle.” (Dwight, 68, USA)

Dwight is 30 years older than anyone else in our basketball group. I remember him for his sharp elbows and tenacity. Over time we became friends, sharing book recommendations.

Dwight’s perfect day:

  1. Maintain his health
  2. Learn Vietnamese
  3. Take care of his portfolio
  4. Relearn high school math
  5. Reading

Part of Dwight’s perfect day has to be dedicated towards living a perfect life. For Dwight that’s “maintenance tasks,” the most important of which is daily exercise. Whether that’s walking to Vietnamese class or bicycling 30 minutes to basketball, that physical maintenance allows him to pursue his 3-4 most important daily tasks.

Part of Dwight’s perfect day is the absence of sexual frustration and minimization of his biggest time-wasting activities: online solitaire and porn. 

When I asked Dwight whether he was okay with me recording our interview, he exclaimed “As you get older you become less embarrassed.”

Sadly I accidentally deleted our 13 minute conversation and couldn’t recover it

I asked Dwight to summarize the feeling of a perfect day. His answer: “progress”

What Dwight is reading at the moment:

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