Rebecca, Working Mom

“My perfect day is free form, not feeling rushed at any point, just being free to go… I read that book, I paint that picture, I listen to that thing, I finish that project, whatever it is, I take my time to do it… I literally have space and time to approach the day.” (Rebecca, 40s, USA)

The neighborhood whiskey bar was packed when my friends and I arrived on a Tuesday night. We took the only seats available, across from two women who seemed to be close friends. I asked one of them about her perfect day.

Rebecca’s Perfect Day:

  • Sleeping in for a bit, but not too late, 8:30-9am
  • “Slowly rolling into her day,” making coffee, puttering around and quiet
    • “If you can take time to brew coffee and putter around doing whatever or nothing, that sets the tone for the whole day, this concept of freedom, independence from schedules, pressures, stresses and externally imposed deadlines. And that to me is the perfect day.”
  • Looking at plans, checking in with environment, and enjoying her space – “I have my own time to flex and be myself”
  • Enjoying time together with people she cares about
  • Daughter comes home bright and happy from school
  • Full of “freedom and authenticity” with “a feeling of expansiveness”

Equally telling was Rebecca’s actual day (4:50) where she’s late and scrambling around because everything is “go go go” and only by 9:30pm can she enjoy a coffee alone, but she can’t because then she won’t be able to get up the next morning.

Rebecca will never see or hear this; I didn’t ask for her contact or even her profession. But listening to our chat, I’m thankful for her candor. Maybe it’s easier to be vulnerable with complete strangers.

For Rebecca, “There’s no substitute to having time and space to be yourself.”

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