Marc, Dancer & Videographer


“A perfect day has an element of surprise. I don’t want to know what happens between noon and 7pm. I want to leave that up to chance.” (Marc, 28, USA)

Marc’s perfect day:

  • Early morning walk going nowhere
  • See the city wake up to the sun
  • Break a sweat in the gym
  • Breakfast with a loved one
  • Making a movie from start-to-finish for 4-5 hours – “it’s pure magic”
  • Check social media and “live in virtual cave”
  • Not having a plan and getting lost somewhere  – “An element of getting lost while on the way to something. Because that makes time seem to slow down. You start to take in all the sights. You take it in slower perhaps? It makes that day seem like journey.”
  • Watching the sunset – “A day that you see the sunset is a day not wasted”
  • Playing board games with parents
  • Dancing from 10pm-5am at an Afro-Latin dance festival

He would want to feel:

  • High on caffeine, with a sense of clarity and awesomeness


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