The Art of Profitability

To succeed in business, you have to be a student of profitability.  Where does your profit come from?  How do companies profit from the services and products you use everyday? Below are 22 different models of profitability presented in examples you can relate to your own business (these are taken from the Art of Profitability, […]

Customer Development

You have a great idea and write a business plan. You get funding and build a team. You work and work and work and finally build something. But when you launch your product or service, no one comes! This is a typical problem faced by start-ups: to be completely focused on product development.  What start-ups […]

The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Summary The Lean Startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty. The Lean Startup takes lean manufacturing concepts and applies them to the process of innovation in uncertain environments. The big idea is to figure out the right thing to build – […]

Evaluating Your Business Ideas

How can we think deeper and more broadly about our business ideas?  How can we evaluate each idea’s market potential? Below are 8 frameworks to evaluate, structure and refine your business ideas. The Business Model Canvas “No business plan survives first contact with a customer” – Steve Blank, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Lecturer at Stanford […]

7 Ways to Generate Your Next Big Business Idea

How do you get your best business ideas? My observation is that most entrepreneurs fall into 2 camps: those that solve their own problems (i.e. “scratch your own itch”) or those who seek exploitable or underserved markets (i.e. “markets matter most”). Personally, I gravitate towards the former: I find it easiest to brainstorm and work […]

Getting Organized

“Losers have goals. Winners have systems.” – Scott Adams, Creator of Dilbert Comic Strip I’ve never been a very organized person.  I don’t plan vacations months in advance.  I forget to respond to emails.  And I’m typically absent-minded, leaving things behind and forgetting appointments. Over the years I’ve tried a number of different tools to […]

Do First Things First

“Effective executives do first things first and they do one thing at a time.” – Peter Drucker We all know we need to prioritize to be effective.  Yet if you’re like me, you still end up wasting obscene amounts of time on unproductive activities.  These frameworks have helped me stay focused on my most important […]

Build On Your Strengths & Interests

“The effective executive looks upon people including himself as an opportunity. He knows that only strength produces results. Weakness only produces headaches – and the absence of weakness produces nothing.  He knows moreover, that the standard of any human group is set by the performance of the leaders.  And he, therefore, never allows leadership performance […]

Achieving Flow

“To do two things at once – is to do neither.” – Roman Philosopher Publilius Syrus We know our BPTs.  We schedule rest and recovery into our work week to give us finishing lines to strive for.  And we’ve started implementing positive energy rituals to maximize the quantity, quality, focus and force of our energy. […]

Riding Oscillation: How to Build Stress and Recovery into your Work Schedule

“Il dolce far niente”  (Italian for “the sweetness of doing nothing”) Who conditioned us to believe that working longer and more continuously is the best route to high productivity? As explained in Managing Energy, not Time, is the Key to High Performance, we are oscillatory beings and therefore need to work stress and recovery into […]